May 19, 2015

8 Q's featuring The Twins

goofy   -  regular
been skating since july 2012   -    been skating since july 2012
3 years of pushing  -   3 years of pushing
nolie blindside-flip   -   hardflip
bacayan spot   -   bacayan spot
deck-Collide   -   deck - ATM
wheels-palaboy   -    wheels - palaboy
trucks-independent   -   trucks - independent
Brandon Westgate   -   ???
Skateboarding is my life.   -   Keep pushing.


May 8, 2015

Bacayan Skateboarding xXx Strong Legs

Bacayan skateboarding xXx Strong Legs
 filmed by St. Ngardz
Ultrich Diola
Guide Dangcogan
Dave Andre
Dale Andrew
Ngardz Pogado
James Mundrey
Josayn Manubaling
St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Jones Avenue Cebu City
in loving memory of

Nov 16, 2011

A year-end Christmas Party brought to you by VISIONERI LANDSKATE AND SKATESHOP. Goofy Vs. Regular is a Skateboarding Competition open to all skaters. Mechanics are easy (see above photo). It only does not feature the contest alone but also live performances by Cebu Local Bands like Tiger Pussy, Outer Lid, Break Off, Rescue a Hero and Powerspoonz.

Prizes and giveaways awaits plus a get a free DC tattoo. See you on DECEMBER 10, 2011. Dont forget, at the VISIONERI LANDSKATE MOHON TALISAY CITY.

see you.

Sep 11, 2011




September 24, 2011
Visioneri Landskate|Skateshop
Mohon, Talisay City

Sep 8, 2011


in cooperation with




sponsored by:



October 1 & 2 2011
Naga Plaza, Naga City
category: Class A and B
featuring: IE BOARDSHOP's first release of GRAPHICAL BOARDS

for more information regarding the event visit


Jul 8, 2011

Cebu, considered as one of the nicest place to skate. The Queen City of the South has an epic evolution of uprising number of skaters by the year 2011. Considered to be an extreme sport, Filipinos (mostly young) are now engaging themselves unto this hobby. Many young, and those young at heart are now embracing SKATEBOARDING not just a past time but a lifestyle. If you are planning to visit and do the skating activities, here are some of the good spots to be on your list.


Ayala Grounds, Cebu

Where shit happens. Almost all (I think) good skaters from Cebu came to visit and play here. This is the place where downtown skaters gather.
Skating here is free for sure, but just be careful of "Bulldog", the security guard that roams around to hunt you and drives you away. Skating here is fun and challenging at some times.

Naga, Cebu City

The park is open for all and is for public, a project of the city which imposes and invites activities for the benefit of the local residences.

Talisay City, Cebu

A mini-park
with few obstacles and rails. Opens from 9am-9pm (unsure)


Valleyview Subd. Mohon Talisay City

A DC project, the land skate is open daily from 1pm-9pm. 50PhP for the entrance fee, but they are offering a free entrance for those who buy supplies on their shop located also inside the park.

Jul 7, 2011

June 25 of this year, DC Shoes Philippines hosted an event at the VisioneriLandskate. MAKE OR BREAK. Highest Ollie competition and in search for the next King of the Line. The event is made possible by the help of the sponsors Visioneri Landskate|Skateshop, Bratpack and Res|Toe|Run. Winners received cash and some DC stuffs are provided. Here are the list and some pics of the winners.

Winners of King of the Line:

1st. - Edger won worth P8,000

2nd. - Joe won worth P7,000

3rd. - Josh won worth P6,500

Winner of DC Highest Ollie 2011:

Choing - won worth P7,000. Ollie of 34' high and still a record to break here in Cebu.

Jul 3, 2011

A bit of a double-edged sword of a title for me. At first it inspires rabid nostalgia, for it was also the name of a peerless 1990s Nintendo Entertainment System skateboarding game, though sadly, on further research it was discovered that the film has nothing to do with the computer game. But then conversely, it is possibly the worst ever title for a skateboarding action film I have ever encountered- it is so obvious as to be vulgar.
Had the film been a more avant-garde, philosophical look at skateboarding subcultures on the fringes of modern urban living, it might have struck with more resonance as a singular morality for the skaters’ very existence. But it actually means skate or you’ll die at the hands of some angry drug-dealer types. Poor. At first, and after all that titular excitement, I thought this French action film was just another attempt to make a legitimate film that incorporated urban sports and marginal identities (basically a mainstream skater and stoner flick) that would be accepted by mainstream film viewers. Par Kor, or Free Running had already made a lasting impression on the big screen, thanks to an insanely well-timed association with ‘Casino Royale’ (and a million other copycats), so why couldn’t skateboarding have another shot at the big time? And why couldn’t it be more than just a side-idea, like its contemporary urban sport competitor had been for Bond? DOWNLOAD MOVIE
Sean Kennedy, Richard Wilson, Ho Thi Lu, and Tony Hawk star. Three young skaters dream of escaping their suburban existence and making it in the world of pro-skating. Their best shot is to skate off for Hawk, the legendary U.S. 12 time World Champion, who's scouting for young talent to sponsor. Problem is he's holding the competition at a beach bowl which is miles from home and there is no way their parents or teachers are going to let them travel. Journey with the Dogz as they do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality. Extras include featurettes, behind the scenes, alternate ending, photo gallery, skater dictionary, and more.Three young men bond over their shared aspiration to be professional skateboarders one day. But their dreams of going pro will never come true if they don't find a way to make their skills known. When world-famous skater Tony Hawk announces he'll be hosting a competition several miles away in an attempt to find the newest talent, the self-proclaimed "Deck Dogz" must devise a plan to trick their parents into letting them participate. DOWNLOAD MOVIE
The Bones Brigade travels around California, Nevada, and Hawaii to different skate spots in search of a wizened old man, Won Ton "Animal" Chin. The movie is of the old-skool nomadic, skate-everything-in-your-path genre with interludes of stopping to rip-up a big ramp, pool or kicker. After much searching and skateboarding, they locate a large ramp in the desert and conclude that in searching for Mr. Chin, they may have found his spirit. Some say Animal Chin itself represents having fun with your friends and your skateboards - which is what the skaters themselves do on their travels. Skateboarding and Zen mysticism collide off the half pipe in this 1987 cult classic. Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero thrash their way through skate sites while looking for the elusive skate master - Animal Chin. DOWNLOAD MOVIE
As a teenager growing up in the mid-'70s, Mark "Gator" Rogowski became a passionate skateboarder. With time, he became quite good on a deck and, by the early '80s, his skills on the vertical ramp, combined with his cocky charm and surfer-dude good looks, helped to make him one of the top professionals on the skating circuit. Between endorsement deals and performance fees, he was earning more than a hundred-thousand dollars per year by the time he was 18. Not surprisingly, Rogowski soon found himself living a fast-lane lifestyle, partying all night, and dating supermodels. But when the popularity of ramp skating fell in favor of street skating, Gator found his career going into a skid. Over several years, he struggled to get his demons under control, trying, with no real success, to reinvent himself and regain his place in the public eye. In 1991, the bottom finally fell out of Rogowski's life: At the age of 24, he found himself behind bars, confessing to rape and murder charges . Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator is a documentary which chronicles Rogowski's personal successes and private failures. The film includes interviews with fellow skating legends Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta, and Jason Jessee. DOWNLOAD MOVIE
Tells the radical true story behind three teenage surfers from Venice Beach, California, who took skateboarding to the extreme and changed the world of sports forever. Stacy Peralta (John Robinson, Elephant), Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk, Raising Victor Vargas) and Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch, The Girl Next Door) are the Z-Boys, a bunch of nobodies until they create a new style of skateboarding that becomes a worldwide phenomenon. But when their hobby becomes a business, the success shreds their friendship. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (thirteen) and written by Stacy Peralta, Lords of Dogtown is "...a dazzling daredevil ride." DOWNLOAD MOVIE

Jul 2, 2011

This story is based where the skateboard culture is the most foreign, the Midwest. Derrick Cabrera, like all skaters, has a dream of being sponsored and one day going pro. He is an up and coming skater with all the talent but has the world against him. Parents, friends and schoolmates can't understand how Derrick has so much passion for something that has no future in their eyes. His crew of friends that are skaters is the only place he is truly accepted. But, as he gets better and better, the skater he looked up to the most becomes his worst enemy. In the sport of skateboarding a single trick that has never been done or conceived can bring you stardom in an instant. Derrick has that trick, if only he can make it. As he attempts to make this trick he is faced with skate-proofing, a jealous friend and cops who have it in for him. Derrick finally gets arrested for skating on private property. After that his parents lay down the law and try to force him to quit skateboarding. Adding insult to injury, his girlfriend forces an ultimatum on him as well: "The skateboard or life with her." At that point, Derrick gives up everything and runs away with his friends to the Tampa Am contest in Florida. This is a weekend that can turn an unknown skateboarder into a future star. He sees it as his only shot to make it in skateboarding. Derrick's rivalry comes to a head in Florida when his crew of friends abandons him because of his jealous mentor. A top amateur's sister rescues Derrick by giving him a place to stay and convincing him to believe in himself. With all the world of skateboarding watching, Derrick finally makes the trick that shocks the entire skate world and instantly thrusts him into the spotlight. His dream of being sponsored has come true. DOWNLOAD MOVIE
While the rest of his high school graduating class is heading to the same old grind of college, skateboarder Eric Rivers and his best friends, Dustin, a goal-oriented workaholic, and misfit slacker Matt have one last summer roadtrip together to follow their dream of getting noticed by the professional skateboarding world--and getting paid to skate. When skating legend Jimmy Wilson's skate demo tour hits town, the boys figure that as soon as he sees their fierce tricks, he'll sign them up for his renowned skate team immediately, right? Unfortunately, the guys are intercepted by Jimmy's road manager and they can't get their foot in the door, much less their boards. But they do get some free advice: keep skating, stay true to yourself, and stay in the game--if you're good, you'll get noticed. Following their dream, and Jimmy's national tour, Eric, Dustin and Matt start their own skate team, reluctantly sponsored by Dustin and his college fund. After recruiting laid-back ladies man Sweet Lou to join their crew and provide the wheels for their tour, team "Super Duper" launches the ride of their lives in an outrageous road trip from Chi-town to Santa Monica. The professional scene doesn't exactly welcome "nobody" skaters, but these outsiders stick together through extreme misadventures. In their quest to go pro, they meet professional vert skating champions Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist and Pierre Luc Gagnon, skate pro Bam Margera and his crew Preston Lacy, Ehren "Danger" McGhehey and Jason "Wee Man" , as well as sexy skate chick Jamie as they grind handrails across America and force the skateboarding world to give 'em a piece of the action. DOWNLOAD MOVIE

Jun 30, 2011

"Permission is the hindrance on ruining someones life. if u let others ruin you then you'll give them the permission and the hint that they can. But if you're wise enough, you wont let them ruin what you are. "

- I f a relationship ends, dont waste yourself on stupidity. Feel the pain and let it out, drink if you want to and cry if that makes you feel good. But always remember, do all things at the most right time. Everything ends for sure. End pain and negativity without hatred and continue to live life. Laugh and forget the pain. Enjoy being young. Make the most out of it and DO good shits as often as you blink.

Better not to MIND the things that DEPRESSES you, cause it only makes you WEAK inside and out. There's a lot of things you can give your time into. Don't get stuck with the things that ruins your day. Be HAPPY! Life is too short to be wasted on shits. Do whatever makes you happy without hurting others PRIVACY. Live life. LAUGH at your problems. So what you get WILD sometimes? Its your life anyway not theirs.

nouns and verbs

The sky has its own way of saying hello to the clouds. It will never be a day without that verb and so with those nouns. Funny how a simple thing on our everyday living grows and grows into something we don't understand. Those senses used to communicate may now be not that very mean thing to be use, everything changes. A single stare completes a day, a simple smile is a start of something, and a simple touch gives its meaning. Going on, moving forward, and holding on truth and on what's towards. That verb may turn the other way around, but those two nouns will continue holding unto each other. No matter how they denied, the cloud and the sky, to each other will never say goodbye.